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Email Mailing List of Pubs and Bars

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List of Pubs And Bars in the UK

Are you a supplier of products or services to pubs and bars in the UK? Whether you supply pub and bar glasses, dispensers, cocktail accessories, ice buckets, or other products, email marketing lists are a great way of staying ahead of the competition.

By personalising your email messages, you can engage pub and bar owners, tempt them with offers and boost sales of your products.

The key to personalising your emails is ensuring your subscriber email list is accurate. Whether you wish to send personalised marketing emails or combine them with a direct mail marketing campaign, you can leverage APC’s email list of pubs and bars.

What’s included in APC’s email directory of pubs and bars?

Here is a rundown of what you will get when you purchase our email list:

  • 800 pubs and bars
  • 1500+ validated email addresses of Pubs in the UK
  • 790 website addresses
  • PAF Verified Postal Addresses for 96 percent of records
  • Telephone numbers for 93 percent of records
  • All emails match the website domain name
  • Access to emails of pubs and bars spread across London, South East England, Midlands, Northern England. South West England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

We have an ongoing process of updating our Pub email list. We do this by sending periodic emails to all the emails in our directory. After deleting any emails that bounce, we update the directory to ensure it is accurate and reliable. You can check the date when it was last updated before you go ahead with the purchase.

How to send personalised emails with APC’s email list of pubs and bars?

While consumers receive hundreds of emails each day, they are likely to ignore irrelevant messages. For instance, pub owners in Northern Ireland may not be interested in an event you have organised in South West London. These emails may be marked as spam or worse, maybe blacklisted by the Internet Service Provider.

Personalisation is the key to ensuring your email directory of Pubs delivers an optimum return on investment. This involves sending targeted messages to the right audience who are interested in the brand, the message, or the offer.

You can leverage APC’s email list of pubs and bars to send targeted messages. Just add the email list of pubs and bars to your cart and complete the easy payment process. The email database of pubs and bars in the UK will become available for download within a few hours in CSV format. You can then save and open it in Excel that makes it easy for you to filter your email recipients.

This is particularly important when you are looking to target a specific locality or domain name. For instance, you can filter the email database in the Excel sheet to get the email addresses of pubs and bars in London. If you have a special deal or offer for pubs and bars in London, you can create customized marketing emails for your target groups.

Personalised emails help you:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhance brand loyalty
  • Boost customer retention
  • Create interesting content
  • Drive sales

Welcome to the world of email lists. Here you will find a large Email List of Pubs and Bars located across the United Kingdom. We also offer a list of Restaurants at

If your business caters to the needs of Public Houses and Bars, our list will help you publicize your business by reaching out to thousands of new prospects. Eventually, you will see your customer-base grow and if so your profits soar. We are privileged to be the best email list provider in the industry. Our list includes comprehensive information on Pubs and Bars in the United Kingdom and the United States (learn more about U.S. lists via the above links).

Undoubtedly, our mailing list will provide access to thousands of potential clients, boost your sales and grow your profits. Are you wondering why our email list of Pubs and Bars is preferred over others? Well, the foremost aspect is the amount effort that goes into researching the details to build our mailing lists. What’s more, we update our Email List of Pubs and Bars on a regular basis to ensure that every detail is up-to-date and there are numerous email delivery services that will send your sales messages.

Once your payment is verified, you will receive a downloadable link in a matter of minutes. Click the link to download your much anticipated email list which is a .csv file. Our Email List of pubs and Bars contains details of website addresses, email addresses, and location of numerous public houses and bars in the United Kingdom. Go to our “Counts per Region” page to learn more. It is important to stress the fact that we strive to provide you correct email mailing addresses as well as snail-mail street address details. Learn more from our “Research Methods” page. Our Email List of Public Houses and bars excels others in the market because its mailing details are exact, current and comprehensive, and you get all that at a low price!

Why pubs are always important to the UK social landscape.

Moving to a different town means creating a new acquaintances and friends. It may be intimidating and can take you some efforts and time. One great place to find new friends is in pubs and bars. These are appropriate places for gathering and socializing. There are candid suggestions to help you find new friends. Decide what pub place you want to go. Ideally, it must not be far from where you live. The place should be frequented by lots of people and with regular clienteles. Choose a relatively silent time to go so you won’t appear out of place if you are sitting there. Monday and Tuesday nights are good, also Saturday and Sunday noon time or afternoon. Have something that will keep you occupied like magazine, newspaper, or book.

Converse with the staff members in the bar if they don’t have any customers. Frequently, they have many friends visiting the place. They also know many regular clients that go to pubs and bars. Take plunge and make an introduction of yourself to a small group of people. Good words to say are: “I am not with anyone, would you mind if I join your table?” or “I have just moved to this town, can you help me know some places to go?” Always keep your conversation light-hearted while establishing a bond with the new people. Avoid talking about bad issues or negative things. Others might not enjoy your company and be scared off.

Talk to a new person who has similar mood like yours. Be perseverant. While you may not get successfully acquainted with new people, they may introduce you to others. Before you finish the conversation and leave, politely ask for their contact number. This is your way to keep in touch with those guys and be their good friend.


Email Mailing List of Pubs and Bars with postal addresses

Some people usually confuse pubs and bars, while others assume that there are no differences between them. However, the two are very different as the term pub originates in the UK and it is a short form, for public house. The term has since then acquired several different meanings internationally in various places.

A pub can be defined as a licensed public house where you go for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, beverages and serve food. On the other hand, a bar is a licensed establishment that allow drinks to be served, and usually named after the bar or counter on which those drinks are served.

Key differences between Pubs and Bars

  • History

Pubs emerged in Britain back in the Bronze Age, where they were serving traditional English liquor that was made from fermented malt. This traditional liquor was unique to each house. On the other hand, bars started in the US as places where they served locally brewed spirits and hard liquor.

  • Drinks served

Bars offer a wider selection of cocktails, liquor, and mocktails, which include wine and beer but the options list is not as broad as that of a pub. A pub offers a large selection of different types of beer, wines, and cider. Most pubs allow minors who are accompanied by an adult due to their extensive menu.

  • Clientele and Ambience

Both pubs and bars found in this Email Mailing Address List provide an age limit that ranges from 18-21, which depends on the legal minimum age to consume alcohol. In most cases, bars have a younger clientele that is characterized by dance floors, loud music or DJs and they are mainly opened in the evening or past midnight. British or Irish pubs have more relaxed and calm ambience with obtrusive or soft music.

  • Food Served and Places found

Pubs usually have a more extensive menu as compared to bars. The menu includes traditional British food such as chips and fish, bangers, mash and shepherd’s pie, ale pie and Sunday roast, pastries and Ploughman’s lunch.

Bars in the UK do not serve food in large quantities and therefore, may just offer light snacks. This is different for Restaurant and Bar as they have a full restaurant menu even at bars.

Pubs and bars also differ in places where they are commonly found. Bars are usually found in cities, while pubs are mostly in British villages.

Pubs and bars are both licensed establishments that are allowed to serve both alcoholic beverages and food in most cases. However, pubs have a wider menu as compared to bars and allow minors accompanied by adults.

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