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Welcome to the world of email lists. Here you will find a large Email List of Pubs and Bars located across the United Kingdom. We also offer a list of Restaurants at

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Once your payment is verified, you will receive a downloadable link in a matter of minutes. Click the link to download your much anticipated email list which is a .csv file. Our Email List of pubs and Bars contains details of website addresses, email addresses, and location of numerous public houses and bars in the United Kingdom. Go to our “Counts per Region” page to learn more. It is important to stress the fact that we strive to provide you correct email mailing addresses as well as snail-mail street address details. Learn more from our “Research Methods” page. Our Email List of Public Houses and bars excels others in the market because its  mailing details are exact, current and comprehensive, and you get all that at a low price!

Why pubs are always important to the UK social landscape.

Moving to a different town means creating a new acquaintances and friends. It may be intimidating and can take you some efforts and time. One great place to find new friends is in pubs and bars. These are appropriate places for gathering and socializing. There are candid suggestions to help you find new friends. Decide what pub place you want to go. Ideally, it must not be far from where you live. The place should be frequented by lots of people and with regular clienteles. Choose a relatively silent time to go so you won’t appear out of place if you are sitting there. Monday and Tuesday nights are good, also Saturday and Sunday noon time or afternoon. Have something that will keep you occupied like magazine, newspaper, or book.

Converse with the staff members in the bar if they don’t have any customers. Frequently, they have many friends visiting the place. They also know many regular clients that go to pubs and bars. Take plunge and make an introduction of yourself to a small group of people. Good words to say are: “I am not with anyone, would you mind if I join your table?” or “I have just moved to this town, can you help me know some places to go?” Always keep your conversation light-hearted while establishing a bond with the new people. Avoid talking about bad issues or negative things. Others might not enjoy your company and be scared off.

Talk to a new person who has similar mood like yours. Be perseverant. While you may not get successfully acquainted with new people, they may introduce you to others. Before you finish the conversation and leave, politely ask for their contact number. This is your way to keep in touch with those guys and be their good friend.